Aviator Casino Game Review

Aviator Casino Game Review
Mark Moutley
Last Updated:
Jun 26, 2023

Crash game fans rejoice! Spribe’s Aviator is the next generation of the well-loved Bitcoin game, rolling out a promise of big wins with its presence. How does this game work? What’s the best way to enjoy this game online? And most importantly, how can one go about winning something with this version of casino crash? We have the answers to all these and more, so stay on to the end for the complete game lowdown.

What is Aviator?

This title offers an interesting spin to the classic crash setup. Unlike most crypto games, Aviator allows for two bets to be placed at once. This way, you’ll be able to manage your bet risks better by cashing out on one wager and risking another for better gains. And naturally, the gameplay is a mirror of crash casino games. Simply place your bets and wait for the moment before the plane flies out of the frame!

Game Features

  • Software Provider : Spribe
  • Released : 2015
  • Game Type : Crash Arcade
  • RTP : 97%
  • Variance : Low – Med
  • Min Bet : $ 0.10
  • Max Bet : $ 100
  • Max Win : ∞
  • Features : Cryptographic crash mechanism, infinite multipliers, double betting system
  • Theme : Aviation
  • Genre : Arcade
  • Compatibility : Desktop, Mobile & Tablet.
  • Similar Games :

How to play Aviator online?

Whether you’re looking to play for real cash or just for the fun of it, you’ll have loads of options available with this one. Try a quick demo game directly on the Coins Game official website. Alternatively, a demo version is available at selected Internet casino spaces, as well as bet-for-cash versions. See a full list of Aviator casinos here.

How does Aviator work?

This Spribe release is a game powered by the mechanics of random number generators (RNG). Contrary to a lot of crash game picks, this title offers a provably fair RNG system, otherwise referred to as a true RNG system. Hence, all winning outcomes within the game are completely randomized, based on a cryptographic seed coefficient that cannot be traced or reproduced. As a result, the algorithm used in the game is fully random and can’t be manipulated by either party.

How it works is the use of the operator or casino’s server seed coefficient of a random set of 16 symbols. This will then have 3 further random coefficient values added to it, sourced from the first 3 players to join a round. Each wager triggers a client seed and once the algorithm has all these coefficient combinations, it will generate the resulting hash which becomes your final round multiplier output.

Aviator Rules

Being a simple game, there really aren’t many rules to this game. But, here are a couple of things a player must do before the start of each round :

  • Bets must be placed before the round begins. Any bets received during a round will be played in the next round.
  • All bets can be canceled up to the point of commencement of each round.
  • All bets received on Aviators cannot be modified after placement.
  • Any of the bets interrupted due to a faulty internet connection will be automatically cashed out by the system at the point of the outage.
  • Any malfunction or misstep of the gaming hardware and/or software will render the round void and all bets affected will be instantly refunded to the player.
  • Bets that are not cashed out before the plane flies out of frame will be deemed a loss.

Maximum bet

The amount for each wager within a round is capped at $ 100. With each round, a player would be able to place a maximum bet of $ 200, as two separate bets. Given the infinity multiplier feature as well as the game’s high RTP, your wins could skyrocket in no time at all!

Minimum bet

A player can place a minimum bet of $ 0.10 for each round. Despite being fairly low in comparison to other online betting games, its infinity multiplier system could still let you enjoy a decent payout with even your smallest wagers.

Where to play Aviator?

Excited to place your first wager with this release? Well, here are some of the online gambling spaces you can play at :

Play on Coins Game

Coins Game carries the game in both demo mode and real cash wagers. Enjoy free rounds with virtual credits without having to sign in! If you’re interested in betting a chunk of your cash or crypto bankroll, it only takes 2 minutes to create an account with them!

Play on 1win

This Spribe release is also available for live cash bets at 1win Casino. However, you won’t be able to enjoy a commitment-free demo version with this particular operator. As an alternative, try out the virtual credit version here on our site.

Play on 1xBet

1xBet also offers this title for both live and demo sessions. And you won’t even need to sign up to try out a quick round with the trial version. But for real money bets, you’ll need an account. Anyways, it only takes under 2 minutes to register with them – via email or social and crypto share networks.

How to make money with Aviator?

Like most crash crypto casino games, it is a fairly simple setup for huge wins. But, you will need to prep your rounds with a strategy that works with your gambling style and overall profiting strategy. And here are a few you can try out at your next session.

Double-Bet Strategy

A great way to ensure you score a breakeven with each round is the double-bet strategy. The idea is to place two identical bets during each round. Aim to cash out your first wager at a point close to the 2x multiplier. With the second, aim for the best possible multiplier point. This way, you’ll guarantee a return of your stake capital while being open to a maximized profit on top of that.

Anti-Martingale Strategy

The anti-Martingale system outlines a strategy where a player would double their staked amounts after every win and halve down at a loss. This method relies on the idea of a “winning streak” where professionals believe that your wins arrive in sparse groups.

Labouchere Strategy

Yet another betting strategy borrowed from the classic table game playbook, the Labouchere system dictates play using the first and last bet of your session. With every win, you will cross out the numbers you have already used. And for a loss, you will add the total staked amount to the end of your play sequence. This strategy gives a player added flexibility with bets to ease the scoring of a winning round/streak.

Aviator RTP

The return-to-player for this crash title is a relatively high 97%. In essence, a projected 97 out of 100 bets would result in a win for the player.

Aviator Jackpot

Being quite a dated release for a live crash game, it hasn’t a jackpot feature built-in. Hopefully, Spribe would consider a redesign to add more mini-games and bonuses to this.

Bonuses for playing Aviator

Here are some of the bonuses you can use whenever you bet with this Spribe release :

Chatspace Rains

A lot of operators go down this route to drop free bets to their players. You’ll simply need to be live and active on the game’s chat feature during a specified period and your complimentary bets will be awarded at random.

Match Deposit Bonus

Loads of online gambling spaces offer match deposit bonuses – either upon signup or a reload. Despite having wagering tags, these bonuses are a great way to boost your bankroll. Naturally, a larger bankroll lets you have more chances at a bigger win.

No Deposit Bonuses

At selected casinos, you’ll see a couple of no-deposit promos that work with this casino title. Simply signup and claim the bonus for immediate use with the game. Of course, there will be a rollover requirement to complete, but hey, free cash for bets!

Pros & Cons


  • Double-bet crash setup
  • Simplified gamification
  • Infinity multiplier feature
  • High RTP
  • Provably fair coefficient & hash algorithm


  • Primitive features
  • Provably fair coefficient & hash algorithm


  • How do I withdraw money from an Aviator bet?
    Before you can withdraw your winning bets, you will need to first validate your account. Complete the KYC process at your local operator, withdraw, and relish your returns
  • Can I bet with cryptocurrency?
    Yes, the game does support both fiat and cryptocurrency. However, there may be limitations on the currencies offered at the discretion of your operator.
  • Why is Aviator the better crash release?
    Its double-bet system allows for a unique strategy that lets you break even with each game round while leaving another open wager for you to aim for a profit. Plus, the providers allow you to view the live coefficient values used for each round at every multiplier point.