Spaceman Casino Game Review

Spaceman Casino Game Review
Mark Moutley
Last Updated:
Jun 26, 2023

If you’re a Pragmatic Play fanatic, Spaceman should feature at the top of your player favorites list. Released in early 2022, this game is a fresh twist to the Crash setup we know and love. Instead of a classic rocket crash, the game employs crashing the Spaceman instead. And with feature additions like “auto cashout”, “partial cashout”, and “bet waiting”, Pragmatic Play surely has one of the finer iterations of this social slot game.

What is Spaceman?

In essence, the game is about the player hitting a multiplier amount just before the Spaceman game crashes, and your bet is forfeited. As all such games go, playing Spaceman means that all outcomes will rely on built-in RNG system of the game. With this random number generation algorithm, every play outcome is completely arbitrary, reducing the bias and manipulation factor.

How to play Spaceman online?

For players curious about how to go about playing Spaceman for a real cash win, here’s a quick step-by-step of how to play the crash game online now:

  1. Visit your favorite casino sites offering the Pragmatic Play slot and create a player account with them.
  2. Make your first deposit. Be sure to grab any welcome bonuses the operator may have for their new player signups.
  3. Navigate to the game and start by selecting a bet amount. Choose a readily-available autobet button for € 1, € 5, € 10, or € 25. You can also manually input a bet amount, not exceeding € 100 for each round.
  4. Use the “Cashout” button on your bet before the Spaceman crashes his rocket. The closer you are to the crash point naturally means a high cashout value.
  5. Adjust your bets accordingly and keep raking it in by playing Spaceman to win.

How the crash game Spaceman works

The game proceeds very simply – place your bets, wait for a round to start, choose the best high multiplier point to cashout on, and wait to see if you win or lose. Place a game bet with an auto-value button – € 1, € 5, € 10, or € 25. Or, enter a custom bet below € 100. As with any crash game, the Spaceman can arbitrarily crash out at any point in his flight. Your goal is to go as high as possible with the multipliers before the game crashes.

Uniquely, the game has a 50% cashout feature, a first for a casino game of its kind. A player is free to cashout 50% of their wins at any point while leaving the rest of the amount in play. Do note, however, that having a 50% cashout will naturally reduce the amount you will win in play at the end of the game.

Spaceman Rules

There aren’t many complicated rules to the Spaceman slot as you’d find with a similar Pragmatic Play game – but here are some key ones :

  • Make sure all your bets are placed correctly and are of accurate value.
  • Maximum payout is 4,999:1 (5000x) or up to € 500,000, whichever is first.
  • Bets can be modified up to the point the “BETS CLOSED” message is displayed.
  • The game strictly accepts cash values, any crypto balances will need to be first converted.

Where to play Spaceman?

The answer to that depends on whether you’d like to play for real cash or just for the fun of it! For recreational play, try out a demo version on our site. Alternatively, the Pragmatic Play website also hosts a virtual credit version of the Spaceman slot. Loads of online casinos offer the game for real cash too – explore further here.

How to make money with Spaceman?

There are a couple of tried and tested crash game strategies that you can use with the game :

Low Cashout Strategy

This method entails a cashout as the play reaches a multiplier of between 1.1 – 1.3. Although the wins may be smaller, the possibility of a crash is lowered greatly, potentially netting you a high bankroll balance at the end.

2x Cashout Strategy

With this one, a player cashes out their bets at a high point between 1.5 – 2x. The idea is to keep the play earning at least 50% each round in order to recoup losses from a foul round.

Martingale Strategy

Used widely as a roulette strategy, the Martingale idea is apt for a game like the Spaceman slot. After each losing round, a player is expected to bet double in the next with a potential recouping of losses in sight.

Spaceman RTP

The average RTP for this game is listed as 96.5%. However, due to its nature, Spaceman is better described with an RTP range between 95.5% and 97.0%, at a high win.

Spaceman Jackpot

At the current time, Pragmatic Play does not offer any form of jackpot feature or an in-game mini-play round.

Spaceman Bonuses

There aren’t any player bonuses to help with a win when playing Spaceman, for now. However, the best way to score a large cashout at the end of a play is to maximize wins for each round. This can be done easily by selecting the highest multiplier at which to safely.


  1. How do I withdraw money from a Spaceman bet?
    To withdraw a game win when playing Spaceman, you’ll first need to complete the KYC process to validate your casino account. This feature will vary from casino to casino, so it’s best to check with respective support agents.
  2. Can I set bets automatically when playing Spaceman?
    Yes! At any high point, use either the auto cashout feature or the button for an automatic 50% cashout. Simply set limits before play and activate the feature button from your game panel.